Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mom Was Looking at Old Pictures...

Mom was looking at some old pictures and she decided to share this one of Opi with you. Look at his face, I don't think he has any white hairs on it! Anyway, he's wearing a sweater Mom made for him. She doesn't make us quite as many sweaters lately because Nellie Belle doesn't like them and our dad doesn't either so the sweaters don't get much use. Sending you some puppy dog kisses....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Opi Causes a Ruckus

Opi was barking up a storm and Mom was getting frustrated with him. She held him and petted him. He was a little sweetie when she did that but as soon as she put him down, he barked like crazy again. Then, Mom realized what the problem was--Nellie had taken over Opi's spot where he liked to hang out after Daddy went to bed. Here's the culprit:

And here's where Opi finally became content:
Mom tucked Opi into her fleece jacket and he stayed in there while Mom was sitting at the desk. He's a spoiled guy sometimes.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mom's New Crochet Thingie for Nellie Belle

Mom found a pattern for a doggie shrug to crochet for Nellie Belle. She worked hard to make it and had to try it on Nellie B. several times so that it would fit just right. Nellie got a bit disgruntled at all this modeling stuff and went to bed with her daddy. Usually Nellie Belle has to be the last one in bed at night so Mom knew that Nellie was a tad bit disgruntled. The next morning, Mom put the completed shrug on Nellie Belle and before she could find her camera, Nellie took the shrug off and "lost" it somewhere in the house! Opi is an easy-going guy so he said "Hey Mom, when you find it, I'll try it on so you can take a picture of it. I don't care that it's a girlie thing." So here's the picture of Opi wearing it:

Later on, Mom did "catch" Nellie Belle and put the shrug on her so she could look pretty when Daddy came home from work. Here's Nellie Belle finally wearing the new shrug Mom made:

You can probably tell by the look on Nellie's face that she's not too happy with having clothing on. That's ok because as soon as Daddy saw her, he took it off and Nellie was happy again.