Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Opi and Nellie Belle Have a Visitor

Last weekend, mil and her baby Sofia came over for a visit. As you can see from the picture, Sofia was smart and dressed for the weather. Opi is a gracious host, he shares his treats and is very polite to company. Nellie on the other hand is a well, a not so nice word to poor Sofia. Nellie is very territorial and growled and barked at Sofia but after a few minutes ignored her unless my husband or I gave attention to Sofia. Sofia has an interesting story. Not too long after my mil's dear little Westie, Eva, went to doggie heaven, a neighbor saw Sofia being mistreated by her previous owners. The previous owner voluntary gave Sofia (then known as FiFi) to the neighbor. Sofia was a nervous wreck and would nip at you if you tried to get close to her. She started settling down but it still took her a long time to get used to men. Now, Sofia is the sweetest little girl. She is supposed to be a Chihuahua but is several inches taller than my kids. She has become the most affectionate little girl and my mil deserves a lot of credit for turning this young lady around.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Smart Dog!

I wish my little ones were this smart!

Wagging Tails and Hugs...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Nellie Belle!

Nellie Belle is our little girl chihuahua. She is definitely the alpha dog. She bosses Opi around and when she thinks it's time to go outside to play she will keep after him to go with her by nipping at his butt! She is an independent little thing and will not normally allow me to pick her up--but, at bedtime, she has to cuddle next to me and will growl and defend her place and not let poor Opi near me. He usually cuddles by my legs and Nellie cuddles by my face or will crash in the tiny space between my neck and the pillow! I had to do a little manipulating (who me???) of dh to get Nellie. DH wanted a Corvette (don't all men?) and I told him that if he got a Corvette then I wanted a playmate for Opi. Nellie came to live with us and she has become a Daddy's girl--cuddling with him while he watches tv and she'll let him pick her up. What a traitor even though I told her that if it wasn't for me she'd probably be in a puppy mill lol! So, now you have met my 2 babies, I hope you will come back to visit again. Wagging tails and hugs....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Introducing Opi

Today I would like to present to you Opi. Opi is my sweet little boy. He will be 6 this summer. Originally he was a skinny, scrawny looking little guy. When he was a little over a year old we had him neutered and he BALLOONED! Previously, we were afraid that he wasn't getting enough to eat although he seemed to eat everything we gave him. We have friends in Missouri, close to Kansas City. They came to visit us several years ago and said they had one chi left from a litter and they had considered bringing him to us. Well, we said we would have loved to have him. So, when they went home, they packed the little guy in a carrier and put him on an airplane. I had no idea what he looked like--color, size or whatever. Poor little guy was so scared when mil went with me to the airport to pick him up. He adopted me right off the bat though. He had to sit on my lap while I drove us home--I know that wasn't the safest thing to do but the circumstances were special don't cha think? He has become a couch potato and a momma's boy. If my husband tries to wake me up, Opi goes into what we have dubbed, his rottweiler role. He stands up in a miniature aggressive position and growls and barks at dh. If you're wondering where we got his name, Opi is an informal way to say "grandpa" in German. Since there was already an "Omi" (grandma) in the family we decided to name him "Opi." Yes, in some ways, we are a strange couple lol! In this picture, Opi is snuggled in his little bed in front of a space heater. Oh, and fyi, he only uses his bed for naps because he sleeps with us. So now you have met my little boy. I hope you have enjoyed the experience. Hugs and wagging tails ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Starting This Blog Up

Hi and welcome to the startup of this new blog of Nellie Belle and Opi. They are my chihuahua babies and I thought they needed their own home on the web. You can see them in the first pic. We're in process of constructing this site so stay tuned for more fun! Before I forget, they have a big sister named Barney. Barney is an old gal and she is 1/2 Miniature Schnauzer and 1/2 Australian Shepherd. The picture here is of Barney and one of my human sons, Matthew.