Thursday, July 14, 2011

Visit to the Vet

Yesterday, Mom made us get all gussied up and go to the vet with her and Daddy. Check out how nice we looked!

When we got to the veterinarian's place, they only had one vet there and said that it would be a few hours wait but we could come back the next day. So, we went home and came back today. Mom of course made us get dressed up again.

We felt a little violated because the vet took our blood! It only hurt a little bit but it was scary for a short time. Mom and Dad gave us hugs and we were ok pretty quick. The vet said that we checked out ok except Opi has an ear infection again. He said to give us Benadryl for the allergies and we didn't need a shot this time. Opi got some drops for his ears.Whew were we ever relieved.

After we left that place, Dad and Mom took us to the pet store and we got some special goodies. Do any of your moms and dads do that for you after you go to the doctor?

We're home now and took a nap. Now we're kind of playing in the backyard chasing squirrels and birds. We'll talk with you guys later.