Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's a Bit Late but Here's Our Christmas

Christmas was nice for us. We only had a small group over Chrismas Eve--our Omi, Mom, Dad and brother Matthew. Omi Brought Sofia with here. I (Opi) like her but Nellie Belle is a bit aggressive with her. Take a look at Sofia with her brother, our dad:

Matthew kept making funny poses when Mom tried taking his picture:

Mom dressed Nellie Belle up like a Santa. Nellie didn't like that at all! Take a look at her:

I was the lucky one because I only had to wear a jingle bell collar:

On Christmas day, our other brother Justin, his wife Karen and the "girls" came over. Matthew was still here too. We had lots of fun with them.

I hope you guys had great holidays and I'm sorry my mom has been so slow with helping me update this blog. She's much better about updating her blog.

Take care everyone and I'm sending you some big puppy kisses....