Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Nellie Belle!

Nellie Belle is our little girl chihuahua. She is definitely the alpha dog. She bosses Opi around and when she thinks it's time to go outside to play she will keep after him to go with her by nipping at his butt! She is an independent little thing and will not normally allow me to pick her up--but, at bedtime, she has to cuddle next to me and will growl and defend her place and not let poor Opi near me. He usually cuddles by my legs and Nellie cuddles by my face or will crash in the tiny space between my neck and the pillow! I had to do a little manipulating (who me???) of dh to get Nellie. DH wanted a Corvette (don't all men?) and I told him that if he got a Corvette then I wanted a playmate for Opi. Nellie came to live with us and she has become a Daddy's girl--cuddling with him while he watches tv and she'll let him pick her up. What a traitor even though I told her that if it wasn't for me she'd probably be in a puppy mill lol! So, now you have met my 2 babies, I hope you will come back to visit again. Wagging tails and hugs....

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