Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some New Pictures of The Chi Kids and Their Sister

Here is a slide show of Barney and the chis--Nellie Belle and Opi.  They run when their mommy comes near them with a camera.  I pulled them out from under blankets, under chairs and grabbed them as they dashed outside.  Barney is the old gal and she just puts up with her mommy's crazy ways.  So here's the show for your enjoyment....

No sound because every time I try to put music with a video here it comes back as a copyright violation and we don't want that, oh no.
Hugs and wagging tails...


  1. I love your chihuahuas! They are so sweet and cute. I lost my chihuahua, Little Boy, a few months ago. He was 12 years old and my best friend. He got sick suddenly and had to be put to sleep to end his suffering. I love seeing other people's dog pictures.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Little Boy. I am crazy about Opi and Nellie. A few years ago I went with my mil when she had to have her West Highland, Eva, put to sleep. It was very sad and we were with Eva when the vet gave her the shot.