Monday, December 7, 2009

Our "Aunt" Sofia Finally Went Home

Our "grandma" or "omi" as she likes to be called went on a cruise recently.  That meant that our "aunt" Sofia had to stay with us for a whole week.  Our mommy and daddy like Sofia but Nellie Belle is a bully with Sofie. Barney and Opi could really care less if Sofie visits, but Nellie is more spoiled and a real diva at times.  Here are a few pictures of Sofie's visit.

This is Barney (on your left) and Nellie

Barney (front) and guilty Nellie Belle

Sofia--she wouldn't hold still for picture

Opi was sick this past week.  Probably had some kind of bug.  The vet didn't know what was going on but he knew Opi wasn't feeling too chipper.  One good bit of news from that visit--Opi has lost 1 1/2 lbs!  Yippee that expensive Science Diet Light has done some good!  Now that Opi has gone from 8lbs 9oz to 7lbs even we still have a ways to go until he is in the 5lb range.  This picture isn't recent, for some reason he managed to escape the camera fanatic in our house lol.

This is it for now folks, so hugs and puppy kisses for all!

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