Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Mommy Made Us Get a Shot!

We like going for rides in the car with our mom. Yesterday mom put our sweaters on us and loaded us up in the car. We were so happy until she pulled up in front of the vet's office. We both started shaking like crazy! We've been scratching a lot lately because our skin itches. We're allergic to something and we do NOT have fleas so that's not the problem. Every couple of months when the itching gets out of hand mom takes us for a shot and that's exactly what happened yesterday. Everyone said we were cute but no one even tried to save us! Mom did take us for a treat at the pet store afterwards because we were good "kids." We got star-shaped doggie cookies! They were pretty tasty so we forgave Mom for the shots. Here's a picture of us when she was loading us in the car to leave home:


  1. Thanks! Now they're eating us out of house and home because the shot gives them huge appetites :)