Thursday, December 13, 2012

Update on Opi

Opi here. Today as I was snoozing on the recliner, my mom "attacked me" with the camera. Now, I'm normally a nice guy but I was taking a N-A-P when she started taking pictures so I didn't smile for her. Mom thought I might want to show you my new duds that I'm wearing. I have to wear shirts because my allergies make me itchy and I scratch myself. The last time my allergies flared up, I went to the vet for my shot but my fur hasn't grown back yet. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

 If you really like Chihuahuas but can't have a real one check out some of these these.


  1. Hi Opi!! I bet the chicks dig bald chi's too!

  2. Yeah, being bald gives me an edge over the other boy-dogs in the neighborhood. Mom says I've been fixed but I didn't know I was broken. I still like the girls!