Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Sneaks--DH and Opi

I am pretty embarrassed to admit that my Opi is an obese Chihuahua. When we were at the vet, I found out that Opi weighs 8 1/2lbs! That is waaaaaaay too much for my little guy. He was pretty much full grown when we got him and he weighed 4lbs 9oz. When he went in to be neutered about a year after we got him, he ballooned up within a month. He weighed about 6 1/2 lbs then. So, I told dh the other day that we had to stop giving Opi doggie cookies and "tastes" of our food. Opi isn't too happy about it and dh isn't either. Today, immediately after Opi ate, I saw him sitting on dh's recliner growling at the other fur babies guarding a doggie cookie. I think Opi and dh are going to be sharing the doghouse together tonight--lol. Here's a picture of the little chunky monkey and his forbidden goodie. Wagging Tails and Hugs...
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