Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nellie Belle Has a Boyfriend

Nellie is a bossy little girl. She bullies poor Opi something fierce. Yesterday, they were playing nicely together and then Nellie B found her boyfriend, Julio, and left Opi out in the cold with no one to play with! Here's a picture of Opi and Nellie B together:

Here's Nellie and her boyfriend Julio:

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  1. Ha Ha, LOL, you got me on that one, I was not expecting the boyfriend to be a toy. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. I wanted to post comments on the other new posts too but am busy right now taking paid surveys so I will tell you here. I love all of the cute old photos you were going through. Your babies are so sweet. I just love it here when I can get the chance to stop in.

  2. Thanks Piper! Nellie has been carrying Julio around for the last few years. She'll leave all her other toys outside but before she goes to bed at night she grabs Julio and takes him with her. She also has romantic escapades with him but I don't think I'll post pictures of those. ;)

  3. Ha ha! Tell Opi he has nothing to worry about. Julio has no personality at all! I'm sure it won't last :-)

  4. I don't know Ron, they've been a couple for a few years now.