Monday, March 7, 2011



Yippie! Our mommy is home again! She left us home with Daddy and went to visit some of her family in Florida. We missed her bunches and bunches. We even had to rearrange our sleeping arrangements. Nellie Belle and Mommy snuggle and Opi sleeps by Mommy's feet to keep them warm. We even went to bed early because no one was awake after 10 PM! Glad Mom's home because we missed the hugs and goodies during the day when Dad's at work. Daddy did come home at lunch time to let us outside to go potty but it just wasn't the same. But do you know what Mommy did today after we spent a week missing her? She was MEAN and gave us BATHS! Hugs and puppy dogs kisses to you all.


  1. Look at that sweet baby enjoying a belly rub! The other baby looks jealous!

  2. Lindo,adoro bebes de 4 patas. Eu tenho um casal mas não é de raça ,amo eles,bjus