Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Hint of Summer

Our area set record breaking temperatures today with the thermometer hitting 82 degrees Fahrenheit.  Nellie Belle was running around the backyard on "alarm" duty letting us know that the neighbor next door was doing yard work. Mom and dad were sitting on the patio having coffee with Omi while all this was going on and mom broke out her camera and filmed Nellie Belle doing her thing. Here it is:

Y'all have a nice time and remember--like Nellie Belle in the video--chasing your tail won't get you anywhere lol!


  1. I just love your sweet Angels, this is too cute.

  2. That guard duty really wears a pooch out! Did she get some Gatorade sometime that afternoon? :)

  3. Nellie Belle is a strange character. She will only drink out of the old-fashioned plastic thing that the umbrella to the picnic table out back used to sit in. In the winter we have to bring it in the house because she will not drink out of a bowel! What's worse, we don't even have an umbrella for the table anymore because our patio has a roof on it lol!