Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Like It When Mom Makes Soup

Hey, it's Nellie Belle and Opi here. We really, really like it when our mom makes soup. Why? Because we get to chew on the soup bones YAY! Here's some pictures of us with our bones. We have decided that being small dogs makes it hard to gnaw on these delicious big bones but that doesn't deter us.

Nellie Belle



  1. *giggles*

    I bet their eyes get really really big when they see those bones floating down to them...

  2. Anything to do with food is right up their alley! They have a pretty good food-related vocabulary--the word hungry, nom noms (refers to the canned food they get on Sundays) and doggy cookies. The sound of the can opener has them running to the kitchen too. If it's food related, they know it lol. Nellie Belle runs outside as soon as the tv, computer and lights are turned off at bedtime and she won't come in until she hears the refrigerator open and then close!